The AI Community Comes Together for Centraide

Montreal is home to one of the most innovative and thriving artificial intelligence communities. At the center of this community is Mila, the Quebec AI Institute. Led by scientific director Yoshua Bengio (Turing Award laureate), Mila hosts some of the world’s best AI research, driven by a mission to benefit all. We are very happy

Hugo Larochelle: Why it’s important to get involved in TechAide

Research Scientist at Google Brain and professor in machine learning, Hugo Larochelle initiated the first TechAide conference on artificial intelligence in Montreal for the benefit of Centraide of Greater Montreal. Hugo shares his motivation to support this cause. Get Together. Give Back. ❤️ 👉 Donate to Centraide

2018 Techaide AI Conference

On April 17th, 2018, Hugo Larochelle from Google Brain is bringing together some of the best researchers in the Montreal AI community on a single stage for a unique conference benefiting Centraide.