Techaide Beach Volleyball Tournament


The Techaide Beach Volleyball Tournament is a recreational and friendly tournament. It will take place on Friday August 26 September 9, 2022. In the event of heavy rain, the tournament will be postponed to September 9.

Schedule of the day:


09:00 a.m. — Arrival of the teams, opening words, reminder of the rules

09:30 a.m. — Morning matches

12:00 p.m. — Lunch break

1:00 p.m. — Afternoon matches

3:30 p.m. — Prizes and closing


Games are played outdoors at the MTL Beach  on five courts ( 9 x 18m). Net height: 2m 35cm

If there is a lot of wind or too much sun, the teams can change sides at any multiple of 7 points. The captains must agree at the start of the match.

Matches are 3 sets – 2 sets of 15 points and a 3rd set of 11 points if needed.

For all matches, points will be awarded as follows:

Won = 3 points

Lost = 1 point

No-show = 0 points


Formula and classification: The classification is established according to the number of victories and in the event of a tie the number of sets won will be used. If the tie persists, the ratio of points won/points lost will decide between the teams.


There is no referee for the matches, so it will be self-refereeing. When in doubt, assume the fault or ask the person in charge on site to enlighten you.

All players are expected to show respect and honesty in helping us keep the spirit of the tournament friendly and cheerful.

Mixed teams

Each team must have a woman and a man on the courts at all times. Mixed 4 X 4 – all players can attack the net. (not a hard rule but strongly encouraged)

Any player must first be registered on the team registration form.


  • It is forbidden to cross the ball over the net into touch.
  • No contact with the net is allowed.
  • When the blocker touches the ball, that contact counts as a contact. There are therefore 2 contacts left to counter-attack. The same player can play the ball again, in this case there would be only one touch left to get the ball across.


Changes and rotations

Players rotate after each point. Every four points, a new player enters the field.

What is the number of players per team?

Teams of 4 on the field with up to 4 substitutes for a total of 8 players.

How long are the matches?

Matches will last approximately 20 minutes.

Are supporters allowed?

Yes! Players can be accompanied by their relatives and colleagues to encourage them.

Are there changing rooms on site to change?

Yes, but we recommend that you come already dressed.


Where is the meeting place?

Montreal Beach Association

1340 Olier Street, Montreal H3C 0P9, Canada

Lucien-L’Allier Metro Station is a 13-minute walk away.

No parking available.

Registrations and donations


What is the deadline for registrations?

Teams can register online for the Beach Volleyball Tournament until Friday, July 29, 2022.

How do I make a donation without participating in the tournament?

You can make a donation via the donation form on the Techaide Beach Volleyball Tournament page by selecting ‘Donate’ and then selecting ‘To the campaign in general’ or ‘To a team or an individual’ if you wish to associate your donation to a specific team or individual.

What is the deadline for fundraising a team?

You have until the day of the tournament to raise funds.

Can we make donations on site the same day? Do you take cash?

Of course, on-site donations are possible! A Centraide team will be on hand to pick them up. You can donate by credit card through Square, check or cash.

Does the ticket price include drinks and snacks?

No, we recommend that you bring your reusable water bottle. You can buy snacks, food and beverages on site.

If I don’t have a team in my company, how can I participate?

Write to contact@techaidemontreal.org ! We will match you with an already formed team or, if there are enough of them, we can group the players alone to form an independent team.

I don’t want to play but I would like to help, are you looking for volunteers?

Yes. Write to us at contact@techaidemontreal.org

Are the tickets refundable if I change my mind?

Unfortunately no. You will still receive the associated tax receipt because your ticket is considered a donation!

Can I have a tax receipt?

Absolutely! From a donation of $20, tax receipts are automatically issued by email by Centraide of Greater Montreal. If you haven’t received it, write to us at contact@techaidemontreal.org.