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The Leader Circle unites our most impactful donors under one roof. Going beyond getting together and giving back, they help Techaide set the pace of its mission and empower their communities to do more.

Leaders donate a minimum of

$100/ month

$1200 can provide

1 year

of academic support to financially disadvantaged students of remote learning (Centraide).

Meet the members of the

Techaide Leader Circle

Carolina Gallo

General Electric

François Pelland

Legion Labs

Jérôme Paradis

Jet Rebellion

Laurent Maisonnave


J’ai le goût de m’investir avec passion à faire du bien à notre grande ville

François Pelland, Legion Labs

It feels good to do good.

Laurent Maisonnave, Fizz

Helping each other to succeed, succeeding to give back.

Marc-Antoine Ross, StreamingFast

We get to give back, make a real impact in people’s lives and have fun while we’re doing it.

Nectarios Economakis, The PNR

Marc-Antoine Ross


Marie-Ève Bernard


Nectarios Economakis


Nicholas Morel


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