Local Love, Bridging Ecosystems & Social Inequalities

We all love Montreal dearly, one of North America’s top cities for its quality of life and yet, astonishingly, our city ranks in the bottom 15 in terms of people (our fellow citizens) living in poverty!

The tech community and its startup entrepreneurs are passionately motivated to make the world a better place and this includes wanting everyone living in Greater Montreal to have pathways out of poverty and opportunities to thrive.

The Centraide/United Way movement began in Montreal in 1917, when charities, inspired by similar community collectives in the US, realized that they could have a greater impact by working together to raise and distribute funds. Since 2016, TechAide’s support of Centraide reflects a deep confidence in Centraide’s understanding of local neighbourhood needs and its role in supporting a high-impact network of 350 agencies to address the essential challenges and help build caring communities.

TechAide is an engaging way to do good by giving back as a collective contributing our time or money or know-how. As the founders of the Centraide/United Way movement realized over a century ago, collaboration leads to positive impact and Montreal’s creative tech community is uniquely equipped to apply this approach to help all Montrealers lead healthy, productive lives!

Alan MacIntosh
TechAide Co-President

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