Social impact and philanthropic responsibility

Portrait of the Montreal Technology Community

As part of its mission to fight social exclusion, poverty, and encourage a culture of generosity, Techaide sought to better understand the social impact of the tech community in Montréal. In December 2021, through a survey, Techaide obtained a wide variety of responses from members of the tech community.

These responses allowed us to get a clearer picture of the companies, startups and organisations that are part of the tech community. The data allows us to analyze their community engagement, measure the beneficial impact on the Montréal community, and identify best practices to inspire a new generation to become a force for good.

Through this report, Techaide wants to help identify the motivations behind this community engagement, while highlighting the inspiring work of members of our technology community in the fight against social exclusion and poverty. The goal is to help members of the tech community answer the question they often ask themselves: What initiatives should I engage in for the well-being of the Montréal community?

Download the English version of Techaide’s 2022 report “Social impact and philanthropic responsibility: Portrait of the Montreal Technology Community”.

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