Techaide Café

TechAide Café with John Henry on Creating Diverse Ecosystems

During this live conversation hosted by Phil G. Joseph from Rep Matters, John Henry shared his expertise on how to intentionally create opportunities for the new faces of entrepreneurship and venture capital.

John Henry is a college dropout, John is a purebred entrepreneur who had a million-dollar exit at the age of 21, went on to cofound an incubator, cofound a venture capital firm, produce and host his own TV show, and cofound his latest venture, the insurtech company Loop, all before the age of 30.

John Henry also has another superpower – creating a space for all the other Black and Latinx entrepreneurs that come up after him. This mission is reflected in his many projects, from the incubator, Cofound Harlem, to the VC firm, Harlem Capital, and the educational content he creates for his thousands of followers.

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