Tips and tricks

For a successful fundraising

Why the Techaide soccer tournament for Centraide of Greater Montreal?

The donations collected by Centraide reach 1 in 7 people in Greater Montreal and support nearly 350 organizations and projects that actively work to support the success of young people, ensure the essentials, break social isolation and build inclusive living environments.

By participating in the Techaide soccer tournament, you are part of the support network that aims to make OUR Greater Montreal stronger and fairer.

Who to contact?

Reach out to your personal and professional network. Your friends, colleagues and family can support you with a donation. Think big!

How do I announce it?

All means are good to announce your participation in the Techaide soccer tournament, for the benefit of Centraide of Greater Montreal:

  • Door-to-door in your neighbourhood;
  • Collection at family meetings or clubs of which you are a member;
  • At work;
  • By mass email;
  • By personalized email;
  • Use the “Publication Kit” provided below to convey your message via social media (Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Instagram and/or your Twitter followers, etc.);
  • Put up the event poster in your office;
  • Install a coin pot in a strategic location in the office with a few key messages and/or a photo;
  • Temporarily change your email signature by dragging a link to the donation platform for the Techaide Soccer Tournament with a short mention such as “Encourage me and make your donation”.

Share the link to your donation page as soon as you talk about it.


Communicate your goal; donors tend to be more generous when the goal is achievable but not achieved. So we have to find the middle ground!

Start early… NOW!

The sooner you start raising, the faster you’ll collect donations and the more money you’ll be able to raise for the cause.

Take the lead

Be the first person to donate on your page. By seeing your name and the amount of your donation, potential donors will recognize your commitment to the cause and want to follow you.

It’s all about attitude

Be motivated and enthusiastic, it will be contagious! Plus, know the Centraide cause well to gain credibility!


Publication Kit

Key Message / Arguments

  • A tax receipt is issued automatically for any donation greater than or equal to $20
  • The donor’s good deed.
  • Techaide brings the tech community together to raise awareness and support Centraide of Greater Montreal and help break the cycle of poverty and social exclusion.

Post ideas to customize

Informative-passive presentation post: Let the people around you know that you are participating in the Techaide Soccer Tournament and why you are participating.

Hello everyone! On June 3, I am participating in a soccer tournament organized by Techaide to support Centraide of Greater Montreal in its fight against poverty. If you feel like it, please encourage me. It’s simple, quick and feels good. (Insert link on your donation page)
Note that a tax receipt will be issued automatically for any donation greater than or equal to $20

Post announcing your goal (individual or team)

On June 3rd, I will take part in the soccer tournament organized by Techaide to support Centraide of Greater Montreal in its fight against poverty. My Team Goal/ My Personal Goal is to raise $X by then!
Help me reduce poverty in greater Montreal. Each donation counts and a tax receipt will be issued automatically for any donation greater than or equal to $20. (Insert link on your donation page)

Post about the amount raised vs objective

OYÉ! OYÉ! I only need $X to reach my goal!

Emotional post: Explain why you decided to participate in this Techaide soccer tournament and why you care about Centraide.

Team Post: @Identify your team’s players in a unifying publication.

Corporate post: @Identify your employer to identify you as a team name and/or thank them if they support the team

Create a spirit of healthy competition

Invite your company or boss to match your donations. Donors are motivated by the fact that their donations will automatically be doubled!

Have your donors draw a prize (t-shirt, dinner, etc.) to encourage them to win

  • Donor Draw
  • Largest Donation Award

Organize a fundraising event

  • Sale muffins and pastries: Make muffins or pastries or buy them at the grocery store and sell them for $3 per unit, at the coffee break
  • Candy Sale: Buy candy in bulk or wholesale and resell it individually on an afternoon office tour.
  • Half-and-half contest
  • Karaoke party (at the office or elsewhere) and charge $2/song/pers.
  • Challenges such as running, finding the number of candies in a jar, contribution for colleagues who arrive late, etc.
  • Draw basket: All participants add an item to a basket (wine bottles, gift certificates, coffee, etc.) worth $15 or $20 and the basket is drawn at random at the end of the week.


Some people will want to support your team and others will not. You must always respect their choice and thank them for listening. When soliciting, it’s important to share your passion and enthusiasm. It’s contagious!

Do not neglect follow-up

Emails and social networks are a good way to promote your involvement, but don’t underestimate a call or in-person chat: they make all the difference!

Thank your supporters

It is important to thank your donors. Share your team and tournament results through the same media you used to request.