BeGenerous: How to run a successful caritative campaign

Who is Marie-Eve Boisvert?

I joined Behaviour in 2018 as Vice President, Communications. Here, I lead the company’s internal and external communications initiatives, including branding and positioning, public relations, industry relations, donations and sponsorships, and community outreach programs.

How you got involved with TechAide?

I have always had a desire to make a positive social impact in the community on a personal level but also through the companies I have worked for. I am proud to say that Behaviour has a corporate social conscience and doing our part for the community are deeply rooted values for us. We aim to be nothing less than a leader in corporate social responsibility in our industry, both in Canada and internationally.

Behaviour has been a supporter of the Centraide for many years and the organization benefits from Behaviour’s exponential growth by seeing its donations increase as the company grows.

How strong is the philanthropic culture Behaviour Interactive?

Behaviour has a solid philanthropic culture. Whether it’s through our internal fundraising campaign BeGenerous, by offering game production workshops to young people as part of a school retention program or the corporate donations we make each year to over thirty organizations. Giving back to the community is something we strongly believe in.

Behaviour makes annual corporate donations to non-profit organizations in various sectors, including education and school retention, health, sustainable development and entrepreneurship. The COVID-19 crisis has complicated the work of many of these organizations as they struggle to meet the growing needs of the community. In light of this situation, we have decided to accelerate donations to a number of recipients, including several local mental health hospitals, research centers, food banks, etc.

Can you share your experience running the BeGenerous campaign?

Behaviour places great importance on corporate social responsibility and the annual BeGenerous campaign offers all employees a way to get involved while having fun.

Organized each spring, BeGenerous offers a variety of fundraising activities to benefit the Centraide and other local organizations. This year’s events included Lunch & Learn, virtual happy hours, game tournaments, a silent auction and the ever-popular live auction.

I am very proud to share with you that last spring, $100,000 was raised from our employees!

Some of the success factors of a fundraising campaign are that employees are well informed and aware of the cause the organization is defending through internal ambassadors for example, creating a ripple effect by communicating the progress of the results of the campaign as it happens, simplicity and of course fun.

Why did Behaviour Interactive get involved with Techaide?

It is clear that the question of social responsibility is increasingly present within companies. However, it is a complex topic and it can be easy to get lost even with the best of intentions.

Choosing TechAide is a safe bet for a technology company because it has a proven track record. TechAide supports a multitude of organizations that fight against social exclusion. They have a deep knowledge of the field so that we can help locally with the real needs of the community.

After several years of collaboration with TechAide, I can attest to the rigor of the organization’s management and its relevance.

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