Let’s Have a Positive Impact on Our Beloved Montreal

As a parent of two neuroatypical children, I have benefited from the support of several community organizations over the past few years. Fortunately, my career in the startup industry gives me the means and the flexibility to accompany my children as best as I can. But not everyone is so lucky.

I quickly realized that many people face an impossible choice: Keep a job or take care of children, parents, or loved ones with difficulties. I discovered that many community organizations are working here in Montreal to help families who are going through these challenges and provide alternatives. These organizations are a lifeline in the emotional and logistical turmoil that comes with these difficulties. These organizations do a lot, with very little means.

It became imperative for me to give back. I wanted to make a real difference and help these families and organizations when Marc-Antoine Ross, friend and TechAide Ambassador, invited me to the 2018 Ambassador cocktail party. I saw it as a way to make a significant and, most importantly, multiplied impact through the strength of the TechAide team and the Centraide model that supports over 350 agencies in Montreal.

In addition, TechAide’s mission is to use technology to help Centraide and their sponsored agencies to be more efficient, which is in line with my passion for technology. It was the perfect place to realize my ambitions.

The TechAide team is one of the strongest teams I have ever had the opportunity to work with. We are fortunate to have great names in the tech community who get involved year after year, creating unique concepts, pushing the barriers and changing the paradigms about traditional fundraising. We managed to raise $670,000 for Centraide of Greater Montreal in 2020 and our goal is to raise $1M in 2021.

Today, I am particularly proud to accept the co-presidency of TechAide, alongside Alan MacIntosh, founder of TechAide.

If you also love Montreal and want to have a positive impact on your community, I invite you to join us now!

Marie Ève Bernard
TechAide Co-President

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