The AI Community Comes Together for Centraide

Montreal is home to one of the most innovative and thriving artificial intelligence communities. At the center of this community is Mila, the Quebec AI Institute. Led by scientific director Yoshua Bengio (Turing Award laureate), Mila hosts some of the world’s best AI research, driven by a mission to benefit all.

We are very happy to announce that on April 23rd, Mila will join forces with TechAide for an AI conference showcasing this exciting research, while also bringing the community together to raise money for Centraide.

TechAide activities have featured a number of AI events since 2018, raising over $300,000 for Centraide so far. With Mila’s partnership, this year’s virtual event promises to be its most popular ever, with 25 faculty members speaking at the event, including Yoshua Bengio himself, covering topics such as computer vision, natural language processing, reinforcement, neuroscience, medical image analysis, computer graphics, cosmology and many more.

I therefore invite you to register to the event right away via this page. As you register, please also consider donating directly to Centraide. To double your impact, I’ve personally pledged to match all donations made, up to $25,000.

This virtual conference will not only be an opportunity to learn about the latest developments in AI coming out of Montreal; thanks to the platform gather.town, it will also be a unique chance for us all to exchange, discuss and network. The entirety of the Mila community is invited, including its cohort of over 500 students.

I really hope to see you there (virtually)!

Hugo Larochelle
TechAide Ambassador & Mila member

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