We get together and give back. We pivot and adapt.

I remember precisely what I was doing and where I was on March 13, 2020: a long weekend skiing in Baie-St-Paul with a friend. I had taken the day off on Monday the 16th, but of course, my schedule quickly filled up with meetings to manage the unmanageable: orchestrating the partial closure of the Notman

Video Game Creators: Assemble!

A few years ago, I met Hugo Larochelle while both of us worked at Google.  Hugo invited me to a Techaide cocktail at the Notman House where I’ve met incredible leaders who share a common goal: Give back to our community, mobilize resources and have an impact for Montréal.  Since then, I’ve assembled an amazing

How to inspire the next generation of volunteers?

The 12.7 million volunteers in Canada prove that volunteering is at the heart of our culture. The challenge is to continue to inspire a new generation of volunteers. TechAide is a collective made up of 100% volunteers. For some, TechAide is an opportunity to develop their professional skills and learn from prominent members of the

Let’s work together to support Montreal families

It’s amazing that life is slowly returning back to normal. You can almost feel the joy in the air with summer in Montreal fast approaching. People will finally be able to see their friends and family again. Most of us are in the fortunate situation of being able to go back to worrying about more

Let’s Have a Positive Impact on Our Beloved Montreal

As a parent of two neuroatypical children, I have benefited from the support of several community organizations over the past few years. Fortunately, my career in the startup industry gives me the means and the flexibility to accompany my children as best as I can. But not everyone is so lucky. I quickly realized that

The AI Community Comes Together for Centraide

Montreal is home to one of the most innovative and thriving artificial intelligence communities. At the center of this community is Mila, the Quebec AI Institute. Led by scientific director Yoshua Bengio (Turing Award laureate), Mila hosts some of the world’s best AI research, driven by a mission to benefit all. We are very happy

Local Love, Bridging Ecosystems & Social Inequalities

We all love Montreal dearly, one of North America’s top cities for its quality of life and yet, astonishingly, our city ranks in the bottom 15 in terms of people (our fellow citizens) living in poverty! The tech community and its startup entrepreneurs are passionately motivated to make the world a better place and this